Thursday, August 23, 2007

Living with uncertainty - workplace style

I'm currently experiencing the exhiliration (ha!) of working for an organization which is living on the edge of extinction, absorption or drastic transition. As thrilling as this may sound, it basically translates to the end of this job as we all know it, which, until we hear officially what the verdict is, renders the 8-4 workday wholly pathetic and depressing.

There's the rumor of the day, every day. Rumors have varied from permanent shutdowns on November 1st, September 1st (yikes!) and September 5th (which just came out of the mouth of our CEO who stopped by to chat with me) to acquisitions which may go on indefinitely. Then there's also the "who will be needed to stay on" arguments. Again, these depend largely on the method of dissolution and the timing thereof. But so far, everyone from the mail guy to the highest levels of management has justified their existence in every possible situation. And there is also the "what are we entitled to in either situation" question. Will there be severance pay? (yes, if an acquisition, no if a shutdown) Do we get COBRA insurance? Will our 401k match be made or fully vested? When can we collect unemployment? How much can we get? ($550 a week seems to be the agreed upon amount)

So as you can see, there's been plenty of work time devoted to the aforementioned discussions. Not to mention the illicit resume sharing and reviewing, clandestine calls to headhunters and phone interviews, coming in late from interviews, worrying about colleagues just months from retirement, or those too young to retire but too old to look for something new. All this done at the expense of any productivity.

It all makes for an exhausting workday and one I'll willingly escape. Anyone looking for a Business Analyst?

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Mark Freedman said...

That reminds me of my end days at Charles of the Ritz in the mid-80's.

Hey, if you're willing to relocate, we're looking for what we title, "Project Manager / Business Analyst" for our Customer Service team, mainly working with our call center integration vendors.