Friday, July 4, 2008

Postcards from Paris (and Vienna) v. 3

My last time in Vienna found me running from a homeless man on the city's tram. I forget exactly what said homeless guy did other than keep moving closer to me seat by seat. So at the next tram stop, I fled. And in my wake I accidentally abandoned one of my favorite black fleece gloves and some of the pride that a novice solo traveler works hard to accumulate. This time, I vowed that it would not happen again. I would take on Vienna, and win.

Sitting in the U-Bahn waiting for a train, I perused my multicolored street map of the city and found myself face to face with a homeless gent who was forcing his face between mine and my map. Girding myself, I snapped the map shut and held my ground. He wandered off as if I had rapped him like a puppy on his snout and I felt defiant. Vienna wouldn't beat me this time.

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