Friday, January 22, 2010

Revising itinerary

Today saw some action. Olga is revising my itinerary not only to add a day in Moscow to accommodate the Tretyakov and the Pushkin Museums but also get me a guide for them. Man, this is service. I also heard from the more expensive agency which is going to put a less detailed proposal together for me as a courtesy before I decide whether I want to work with them or not. Both are due back to me early next week.

I'm reading Fodor's Moscow and St. Petersburg and actually figuring out the Cyrillic alphabet a bit (B is R, P is B, etc.) and am getting really latched on to this whole idea. My Amazon Wish List also erupted with a whole list of required reading; good thing I have 8 months to get through it!

And this is my new desktop. Sigh.

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