Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Airfare, podcasts and wishlist

I confess. I have a somewhat bizarre interest in tracking airfares. I have set airfare trackers on multiple sites, I receive alerts in my emails for places I'm planning to go to, even if I've already purchased the airfare, as well as places I have no intention of traveling to in the near future. I'm curious. I like to know my options. You know, just in case. I also like to help other people find airfare, use my tricks of the trade and pull a great fare out of thin air. These skills matter!

So now comes the dilemma. I've found the airfare my Russian travel consultant has quoted me, only my quote is lower. Saving $200 in the grand scheme of this trip is small potatoes, but small potatoes in my pocket rather than the airline's pocket. I've asked if I can purchase this on my own. What the heck, it's worth a shot.

In the meantime, I've been keeping up on the Russian language podcasts, learning what I can. This morning's lesson covered "can you show me that?" which I guess will be handy in the event I get around to shopping. But damned if I can remember now how to say it.

My Amazon wishlist continues to grow. I was reading the New York Times over someone's shoulder on the train this morning, and saw there is a new book out on Lenin in exile. As if I have eons of time to get to everything on my list. I'll have to prioritize at some point. I want to start with the Revolution though, it's interesting and bizarre all at once.

Congratulations to Evgeny Plushneko on his silver. I thought gold too, Plushy. Your talents won't be seen again for a while, I suppose. Wouldn't mind seeing you again in Sochi!

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