Monday, March 29, 2010

Moscow subway bombing

This morning, two Chechen women detonated bombs in two suicide attacks that occurred in Metro stations in the touristic center of Moscow. Is this troubling to me? Yes. Will it stop me from traveling there? No. Here is my logic: if I'm going to meet an untimely end, I would rather it be on vacation when I'm guaranteed (most likely) to be happy and loving life. I would not want it to be in the cube-farm at work where, well let's be honest here: I wouldn't be so happy.

I've traveled other places that have an inherent sense of risk. Hell, I spent most of the 90s traveling to Ireland umpteen times and, in a few cases, running away from abandoned luggage that was suspected to be a bomb left in the streets of Dublin. I've been to Northern Ireland before "peace broke out" and lived to tell about it. I've flown abroad 25+ times and never batted an eye. Somehow, once I'm en route, it just doesn't phase me.

So as unsettling as this is today, staying home would only "let the terrorists win". I want to see Moscow, and see Moscow I will.