Sunday, December 23, 2012

Slooooooow it down!

Looking back on previous Big Trips, I tend to hit this point quite regularly.  It's time to slow it down.  No seriously, I actually want the calendar to stop moving so quickly.

I think it occurred to me yesterday like hitting a brick wall, that It's Coming.  This trip, theoretical for so many years, and actual for over 6 months now, is about to happen in 7 weeks.  Yesterday at the hair salon, I made my next appointment, strategically planned so that I get a cut again right before I go.  That means two more cuts till I leave.  Yikes.

And between than and now I have Christmas off, New Year's off, and then two long weekends on the road for Morrissey shows.  Before I know it, those will be over and I'll be two weeks from going to Africa.

Gulp.  Going to Africa!

In the progress department, the clothes I exchanged all fit, so I am completely outfitted for the trip now, tops and bottoms.  The new polarized sunglasses rock (I may never drive without them again!).  I just really need to spend more time taking photos.  A lot more time.  Soon!

Merry Christmas all!

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