Monday, February 11, 2013

Bags are packed and by the door

The title says it all...I'm just about out the door.  After my somewhat anxiety-stricken blog from Friday, I've settled into a bit of calm and am just rolling with it now.  The overwhelming emotion I have now is expectation and incredulity.  I cannot fathom what it is I'm about to see, and cannot believe where I'm going. third continent visited, and first below the equator.

Africa...where it's summer time now and so very, very far away from freshly fallen 6 foot snow drifts.

Africa...home to the big cats I dream about (and quite possibly a snake or two, but I have to think that everything else I'll see will outweigh that possibility).

I wonder what I'll be posting over the next 12 days and how I'll feel about it all when I return.

According to flight tracker, the incoming flight from Amsterdam is just about to arrive.  That's the plane I'll take out tonight.

Off to have lunch and start my anti-malarial meds (that sounds so exotic!).  Talk to you from Africa!

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