Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thinking of Kenya

It isn't often that I awake to see a future travel destination of mine as the lead top breaking news story on breakfast news tv.  This morning that was exactly the case, as it seems that Kenya's main airport was a fireball of some unknown origin.  The only news I can glean from it so far is that it is the international arrivals hall, which I will need, well, to arrive in Kenya.  Sure, my arrival is now 6+ months out, but it is a somber reminder of how and when travel plans can go awry.  I'm sure the officials there are scrambling to get some sort of temporary arrivals in place as this is peak safari season in parts of Kenya.  I don't envy those folks that at all...

In other news I just made my appointment for early January to get whatever vaccinations I'll need, which I think is just Yellow Fever, as I've had just about everything else for my trips to Russia, China and Tanzania.  This is also where I'll get my anti-malarial prescription too.  So that task is done.

It's a might bit depressing not to have oodles of things to do this time to get ready.  Sure, there are a few things to get for the camera that I didn't have before, and also a couple of different clothing items I want to take time to hunt for, but in terms of the getting ready to go part, I'm pretty much done already.  Bah.  Where's the fun in that?

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