Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Safari #3 is officially on the books

It didn't take too much deliberation.  This itinerary is most excellent and I'd be foolish not to sign now.  So I did.  And put down the deposit.  I just have to secure travel insurance now and a flight in March and the deed is done.  Hey, I'm going on safari.  Again!

I feel like I've just been able to reach that itch in the center of my back.  Relief, relaxation, sense of urgency relieved.  Now it's only about 355 days away.  It's so far off that airfare isn't even available for purchase yet.  Ugh.  Looooooong wait.

In the meantime, I have Italy in 3 weeks, and then a long birthday weekend in L.A. in July.  Still holding out hope for Amsterdam over Christmas.   And who knows what else we'll throw in there in the meantime.

I'm just so excited to go back to Kenya!

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