Friday, July 27, 2007

The Quest for Vermeer -- revised

For those playing along at home, Abby and I are deep into the quest to see all known works by Vermeer in the world. We have a healthy start and continue to plot our next potential conquests. Unless and until they find the stolen piece from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, we may never see them all, but we're giving it a good try.

So far:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:
A Maid Asleep, Woman with a Lute, Young Woman With a Water Pitcher, Allegory of Faith, Study of a Young Woman

The Frick Collection, New York:
Girl Interrupted in Her Music, Mistress and Maid, Officer and Laughing Girl

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna: The Art of Painting
Careful review of my trip report indicates that this was actually on loan to Tokyo when I was last in Vienna, so reset the counter for this one!

The Louvre, Paris: The Lacemaker, The Astronomer

Maurithuis, The Hague: Diana and Her Companions, View of Delft, The Girl With a Pearl Earring

The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, The Love Letter, The Little Street, The Milkmaid

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