Friday, January 4, 2008


Today, I think, is a happy day for the United States of America. You have to admit, it’s been a long time since we can say that, but after Round One of this election year’s primary season, it looks like the citizens of the US of A finally have it figured out. They got it. Or at least 250,000 Iowans got it. (And if Iowa gets it, I have to think that some of the smarter states will too…no offense to Iowa intended)

To me, Barack Obama’s virtual landslide victory in the Iowa caucus last night tells me that Americans are sick of the status quo. We’ve had enough of the fear mongering, the unintelligible Commander in Chief, the smirking and untrustworthy DeerHunter and all the rest of the current crew. We’re ready to do away with national security threat elevations created as distractions. We’re sick of waiting in long security lines in airports and giving up our water bottles pre-security. Enough of the “we’ll fight them there” and not being able to properly honor our fallen troops as a result of “fighting them there”. We’ve had it up to here with $4.00 for a gallon of gas and currency exchange rates that make the US dollar as valuable as my Monopoly money. Enough is enough is enough. And Hillary and John, you’re being lumped in with all of them. You’re not enough fresh air for us. And Obama is.

Obama said last night that hope isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s knowing that a better world exists and working toward it. All of us, together. Not just business and commerce, not just Red States or Blue States. Everyone. And I think now we’re believing.

Putting aside the fact that that whole caucus thing was like a square dance on a Quaalude high, (which, by the way, how embarrassing is that to explain to a foreigner? But probably expected from a country that still uses the Electoral College!) I think we can walk away from Iowa with our heads held high and look toward the future. For eight years, we’ve put up with our country being driven into the, abroad and worldwide. Maybe we’re about to get our respect back. Maybe for once, finally, better days do lie ahead. And at least now, we get it.

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