Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spare me...

I’m not going to say that crying is weak, or that I care that a Presidential candidate cries. Really, I don’t care about that. I really think it's fine that Hillary cried and gave us a rare peek at her real (read: human) self. That’s great.

What I am going to whine about is the timing of the whole thing. With the polls predicting a trouncing and her campaign grasping for life after the Iowa caucuses, doesn’t it seem just a bit strange to you the timing of the tears? I mean, about 20 hours before voters head to the polls, but still in time to make the news at 6:00 and 11:00. She lost the female vote in Iowa, but it wouldn’t happen in New Hampshire.

Color me jaded, but we never saw hide nor hair of a tear through any number of other crises that, I would think, would similarly wear Hillary down. Do you recall any tears when discussing Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Ken Starr or even when she, as Senator of the State of New York, was visiting Ground Zero in New York City? So, I’m supposed to believe these tears aren’t contrived now...why?

People are saying that Hillary was ganged up on over the weekend, by the media, by Obama and Edwards on the trail and at the debate, and this was just a natural reaction to wear and tear. Fine, but don’t paint her as the victim. Hillary dishes out plenty of the same torture on her own.

Fortunately, she can only play the tears card once, and in my book that’s been done. We’ll see what she pulls out to get herself through the next month.

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