Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still waiting...

It's three weeks away today. And I vacillate between it happening sooner than I want it to, and not happening soon enough. Sooner than I want it to because of the reading that is left and the honest fact that I love to anticipate a trip. Not soon enough because I really want and need a vacation and I really, really want to see Russia.

In a show of utter mental exhaustion, last week I threw out my ATM card at the gas station. Better now than in two weeks, but the hassle of replacing it and blah blah blah. I'm just tired. 2010 has been a tough year in a lot of respects and I just need the mental break. I haven't had a proper vacation since November, so I'm overdue and ready. Hopefully when I get back I'll stop doing things like throwing out my ATM card absent-mindedly and putting the cereal away in the fridge and the cheese away in the cupboard. Ha!

In the good news department, Russia's historic heatwave (nearly 2 months at almost 100 degrees) ended last week and with that, the wildfires that have created poisonous smog over Moscow have started to subside as well. I'm hoping for more normal, typical fall weather there, in the high 50s, low 60s. That's what I'm packing for anyway. I've started to track Moscow and St. Petersburg on, to see what the extended forecasts look like.

And in more news, the trip spending got a bit of a kick when I bought a European surge protector (to plug all my need-to-be-charged devices into to recharge) and I received the Mobal cell phone and finally, finally found a pair of black pants that are suitable for travel (along with a couple shirts, a sweater and a pair of yoga pants for the flights...but I digress!)

So I think all that's left is to stop the newspaper, find my Spinning subs and pack. Literally. Wow.

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