Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wheels in motion

I do not shudder when I realize that I'm now in days 20-something in my countdown. Now I've kicked the departure plan in motion. To that end, I just bought an international cell phone that I can use forever more on my various trips outside the US. I've confirmed my seat assignments with the airline. I've typed up an itinerary for my family so they'll know where I am when. I charged my laptop, did all the updates to it to get it up to speed and made sure I can download photos and such on it. I bought a travel diary, most of my toiletries and have started a staging area in my office at home. I've lined up my mom to take me to Logan and pick me up when I return. She's also taking care of my boy for me while I'm gone. Folks, this trip's a coming!

I am still more excited about this than I realize. August has flown so far, which I guess is a good thing. I feel like things are good...if only I could find some decent pants to travel with...all I have are jeans. Argh.

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