Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Week!

Officially I can start playing the "one week from right now" week from right now I will have (hopefully) just departed Chicago for a 13 hour 45 minute flight to Beijing. Ok, well, maybe we don't want to play that game just yet.

Things are coming together well. All my pre-trip checklist items are crossed off except to meet the cat-sitter and pack. Oh but this ear thing has turned into a more serious crisis. After another fruitless appointment and a round of two antihistamines, a decongestant and an antibiotic, I'm still not better. Tomorrow I get escalated to an ENT (ear specialist guy) who will hopefully put me in fine feather to fly. I really just want to be medically cleared to fly and perhaps chemically prepared to tolerate the discomfort that might ensue (if you catch my drift).

I am still a bit dumbstruck by the potential of all I am about to see. I cannot for the life of me fathom standing on the Great Wall...or seeing the Shanghai skyline...or feeding or holding a panda. But all of that is on my agenda in the next two and a half weeks. I just cannot believe it. If I could just fast forward through a few of these coming days!

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