Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Are Four

"We Are Four," I said to Karen, the owner of the Tanzania safari operator that is organizing our African safari.  In the last 2 days, the safari completely came to fruition...or just about.  Four of us from the China tour last fall have decided to take on Tanzania together.  We were going to wait until closer to September to book, but through various channels, I'd heard that accommodations were well booked now, and that we ought to act fast in order to make a February trip at all.  So we did.

I nearly peed myself last night around midnight when I checked my email just to see if any of these West Coast intrepid traveling women friends of mine had emailed.  And one by one, the emails came in:  "I'm in", "let's do it" and "Count me in."  And so it is.

I told Karen we can go anytime in February.  She's now working her magic to get us the accommodations we'd scoped out in June.  I'll find out what those accommodations are tomorrow.  And we'll get our dates.

DATES!  Then the countdown can begin!

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