Friday, November 6, 2015

Safari #3 update

Through all the other travel, I didn't think I'd get here.  But today I'm finally into double-digits in the countdown.  Flights were booked in April (BA this time, after KLM price gouged me repeatedly at the payment exactly does a fare get $800 higher between seat selection and "enter your payment details"?) and trip insurance procured.

Today I visited the Travel Medicine Clinic, was deemed fit to travel. Never when I got my first vaccines for Russia, then China, then safaris 1 and 2 did I think I'd need boosters of something like Typhoid.  But there you go.  Anti-malarial and Cipro prescriptions in hand, I walked out ready to roll.

And then the final payment was made today.  So I'm all paid up, drugged up and revved up.  February cannot get here fast enough.  The holidays and two more trips involving long-distance travel will happen first and I imagine that will help make November and December fly by, but January could be a challenge.  Maybe I can spend that month figuring out how I can fly carry-on only to Africa, which I've managed to do on all of our other trips this year.  It's so liberating, but is it possible on a trip that requires a little more "stuff" than usual? 

Whatever the case, I'm locked and loaded for Kenya.  Phew.

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