Friday, January 15, 2016

2015 recap redux

After the last blog post, I suspected we had a couple more road trips left in us.  And we did.

First we decided to go to Amsterdam to take in the Munch:Van Gogh exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum.  We booked the trip somewhat spontaneously (for me, that's about a month ahead) and then the whole Paris terror attacks happened.  We went anyway, as is our way, and enjoyed the heck out of Amsterdam.  The exhibition is going down as perhaps the best I've seen anywhere, but the test of time will have to have the last word there.  It was, in a word, exquisite.

Then, almost as spontaneously, we returned to our beloved Los Angeles for a quick (30 hour) stay to see Morrissey play on New Year's Eve, then drove to Las Vegas for three days to see him there as well.  As hesitant of (and dare I say resistant to) Las Vegas as I was, I ended up loving the time there.  Not sure I'd go back without the tantalizing Morrissey on the other end of it, but I did have fun and come back significantly poorer.  But alas, I think that's what Vegas does to you.

So while I logged about the same number of miles as previous years (I travel about 37,000 miles annually), this year it was over 11 trips.  11 times when I packed a bag and either got on a plane or got in a car and drove for hours.  It seemed like all we did was pack and unpack.  Not that I'm complaining, but we were pretty exhausted at points, and both of us fell ill with some exhaustion/stress-induced illness during the course of it all.  Every minute of it was completely worth it.  No regrets.

As I recapped on Facebook:
37,256 miles traveled
1,055 miles on the bike
126 incredible art exhibitions
6 Morrissey shows...
12 other shows (we only bailed on one this year!)
Tornata in Bella Italia (prima volta dal 2007)
Back to Amsterdam (first time since 2007)
A wonderful travel buddy in my sis
Bring on 2016….

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