Sunday, February 14, 2016


Departure day.  Somehow I've managed to get here.  It feels good but I'm trying to ignore the 22+ hours of journey time ahead of me.  That's the necessary evil to this all.

The bags are packed and zipped up.  All that is left is to charge the phone and iPad again and go.  It's an utterly surreal thought that it's finally here.

Not much has happened since I last wrote.  Work was insanely busy this week, of course, so that made it go by fast but also made me feel guilty and uncertain about leaving.  Will my projects move ahead or just sit and wait for me to return?

Oh, yes, my safari-minded friend Beth visited the Sheldrick elephant orphanage last weekend and wrote me that I simply MUST do the private visit there.  So there was a bit of scurrying to get the payment sent and that set up for my last day, but it is a done deed, thank you to my wonderful safari planner Sangeeta.  She has put together a truly spectacular itinerary for me.  One that I can't wait to execute.  And I'm just about to now!

The cats are ready.  It's somewhat different leaving two cats who are younger and without health issues.  With Morley I was always riddled with guilt and worry leaving him.  I know with these two, they'll look after each other.  Or torment each other, one or the other.  Plus I'm leaving them with my sister, who I know will keep them entertained and well while I'm gone.

I will not miss short days and 34 below zero "real feel" that we've had this weekend.  I won't miss road salt, walking over snow banks or putting on a million layers just to go outside.  I want to feel the sun on my face and the warmth of the air.  I think even the daily lows in Kenya, somewhere in the 50s, will feel tropical.  But I welcome the 80s that are forecast there.

Mentally and physically I need a break.  I'm mentally tired and physically sore all over.  I need a break from the day to day and the chronic working out.  Everything just needs to be recharged.

There's always the question of what is about to happen.  I know where I'm going but you just never know what you'll see.  Dealing with Mother Nature is a crap shoot, I just hope the dice fall in my favor.  It's that anticipation that gets me there and gets me out of bed every morning at 5 a.m. for those early morning game rides.

I'll blog as I have connections along the way. I expect to be without a signal for a good chunk of the safari, which is a good thing.  Really.

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