Wednesday, January 27, 2016

HItting the wall

There comes a point before every big trip where I just hit the wall.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, I'm just tired.  It's not close enough to completely stop being productive and functional, but it's close enough that I can almost taste it.  I'm at that point now.  I'm writing this more to remind myself that it happened again, that I feel like hell, that I want to sleep until I leave, that I am crying for no reason, that I don't want to do a stitch of work, that I don't want to work out.  My battery is low on several counts.  And while we haven't had much to speak of yet, a snowstorm, which I live in constant fear of, might just push me over the edge.

In talking to other veteran travelers, I realize that this sort of pre-trip behavior, depression, lethargy is common, which makes me wonder: do we sabotage ourselves in the lead up only to make the finally getting there that much more satisfying?

Case in point: I was seething over the receipt left by the US Postal Service notifying me that I must show up in person and sign for a package.  Who has time for that?  I work during open hours?  Why are you doing this to me?  And who on earth sent me something I need to sign for.  So yesterday, I showed up, presented the receipt and, when I finally saw where the package was from, I struggled to hold back tears. My safari dossier was here, and it was tickets for my internal flights, camp vouchers and final itinerary that I was signing for.  Calgon take me away.

It's funny because I felt somewhat rejuvenated, yet physically rundown, after LA and Vegas, and really thought I could muddle through until I leave for Africa.  But, suspecting I couldn't, I started to get some of the heavy lifting done well ahead of time so I'd have less to worry about that last week before I leave.  That's why credit cards have been notified and my packing is mostly done.  Really all that's left is to get the cats ready for the sitter, get money and stop the newspaper.  In theory.

Re: wearing hiking boots on the plane, I caved in and bought trail runners from Brooks, the brand I buy  my running sneakers from.  They are sturdier than plain old sneakers but will stand up to the rougher terrain while being more comfortable to travel in.  They will look far better with my traveling garb too.  Which is important.  The things we do for fashion and comfort.

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