Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Office is back on tonight. Thank god! No, really, thank you! I had just gotten completely caught up with this series when the writers went on strike, so I am desperate to get back into it. And with six brand new episodes coming...well, yay!

And House, MD starts again the week I am back from vacation with four new ones. And they left us with a semi-cliffhanger, with Wilson hooking up with Uptight B*tch (you have to watch to know) so it'll be interesting to see if House can deal with that.

I love Hugh Laurie, but I love Jim too. But YAY! all the way around.

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Mark Freedman said...

I tried to watch The Office, but it is way too painful, because it is way too real. It's so unbelievably uncomfortable for me to watch.