Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're goin' to Paris (and Vienna)

Well, the day before is finally here. I have one more sleep before I hit the City of Lights with Dear Sister.

My packing is about done, except for stuff that wrinkles. I have an 8x8x4 space left in my suitcase, which is oddly disconcerting. What have I forgotten? Or better yet, what can I buy to fit in there on the way home?

I was sick most of the last week and went through a bit of "I don't want to leave home" over the weekend, but now with the cold behind me (mostly) and the lure of high 60s and croissants just ahead of me, I'm raring to go.

There is a bit of regret though that the trip is actually here because I really do live to plan and anticipate trips. I have that feeling that in 2 weeks, I'll be sitting back here at my desk at work, with no countdown in my head, no destination in my future, no stacks of guidebooks beckoning me to come hither. But I guess that's when I just put my head down and hit the grindstone....in the quest to pick the next destination.

So let's raise our Starbucks cups this morning in a toast to Dear Sister, who is boldly taking on her personal demons and whisking her way across The Pond once again. It'll be worth it, DS, when you lay eyes on our Vermeers, Vincent's final resting place, and that foot long eclair!

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