Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Leaving so soon?

Today I am much more at stable about the fact that we leave in a week. I was caught a bit off-guard at the realization in my last blog. It is funny that when I am not a planning maniac (as I usually am) about a trip that I become so surprised that it is nearly upon us.

Dear Sister has recovered from her pneumonia, at least to the point where I feel comfortable leaving the respirator at home (I’m only half-kidding here). We may not be able to run as hard and as fast as we did in Amsterdam, but I think the break will do her good. And so far, knock wood, I am still healthy, although I need to be nicer to my body after the punishment it took the last few days.

So yesterday, I buckled down and cancelled the newspaper for the week. I transferred my spending money from checking to savings. I double-checked my ATM daily withdrawal limit. I have 20€ in cash left from the last trip, which will get us a drink and a croissant when we hit French soil. Maybe.

Dear Sister, are you checking these little tasks off too?

Tonight I will thoroughly clean the apartment, since Dear Mother is coming in to tend to the cat, and I will call my credit cards and alert them to my upcoming travels.

This weekend I just want to relax, pack, do laundry and get excited.

I’ve come across a few things on Fodors and in a bit of travel guide reading that I might want to remember or add to the list, but if I don’t, that is ok. We’ll see how relaxed I can stay for how long, before I realize where I am what all there is to see.

Confidential to DS -- congratulations, little sister. They are lucky to get you and your passion.

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