Monday, October 13, 2008

Looking back at Rome -- Largo Argentina

It seems that people either seem to recognize this location as famous ruins or a cat sanctuary, when in reality it is very much both. About a 15 minute walk away from the Forum is Largo Argentina, a site of ancient ruins and most notably, the site where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

I found myself following the "Caesar Assassination walk" last year from the Forum to Largo Argentina. Like many other ruined sites in Rome, Largo Argentina lies in the midst of the bustling, modern city. Trollies, buses, traffic, commercial storefronts, daily 9-5ers all surround the acre or so of land that is set down under street level. What few ruins remain are hardly identifiable as "something" but from the notes on the Assassination walk tour, I noted the tree under which Caesar was supposedly stabbed (see above). There is a fairly good map of the location posted nearby which identifies what you might have seen if you were in the same spot nearly 2000 years ago.

But also under the sidewalk is the Roman Cats Sanctuary, which tends to the hundreds of cats who make their homes amidst the ruins, with the hope that some, if not all, will be eventually adopted. While I love ruined Rome, I love cats more, and I found myself emptying my pockets to support the cats, all the while fighting back tears as I remembered my four footed "son" back at home.

Roman Cats Sanctuary accepts donations and allows you to "adopt" a cat from a distance. After my morning spent visiting its residents, I'm eager to share its good work amidst this historic site with my readers.

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