Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stay-cation -- Meeting John Kerry

As a chronic 9-5er, it seems that I always miss it when politicians and/or celebrities come through town. I either have meetings I can't change or deadlines I'm trying to hit and can't arrange to make it to see them. it just so happened this week though, that US Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Congressman John Tierney (D-MA) were speaking at the college where my mother works yesterday. So I decided to attend too.

I met Mom there and Kerry spoke for about 45 minutes on the current state of the economy and his thoughts on what went wrong and how to fix it. He actually gave a stimulating, fascinating discussion (oh, if he'd only been this charismatic four years ago....) When it was over and Mom headed back to class, I stuck around to have a chance to speak with him. I did manage a coherent conversation, shook his hand and thanked him for all he'd done for the State and the country. My brush with greatness.

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