Saturday, April 28, 2012


I can't stop thinking about the safari.  Ok, it's out there.  I am utterly, completely, consumed by the thought of this trip.  I play with airfares, trying to find the quickest/cheapest/fewest connecting flights.  I look at others' online albums from their safaris.  I use safari planning guides to "plan my ultimate safari".  I cannot stop thinking about it.  Thinking about riding through land so open and clear and flat that I can't see anything else for miles.  Thinking about being on the home turf of lions, giraffe, elephants, rhinos, wildebeest, seeing them where they belong as opposed to where they were relocated.  Good lord, I can't think of anything else.

I try on the "I'm going on safari" announcement by telling people I'm thinking of going on safari.  No one's surprised, except maybe me.  It's getting pulled 8 years into the here and now rather than living 8 birthdays away as it was supposed to.

I'm neglecting all other trip planning (sorry Germany, there's time for you; and Cleveland I've done what I need to to get myself there) because I cannot shake this all-consuming aura of safari that's enveloped me.

I've got it bad.  Roar!

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