Friday, March 28, 2008

Downhill slide begins...T minus 19

Folks, I do believe the descent into vacation mode has begun. We are officially under twenty days from departure (dear sister, time to start looking, it’s coming whether you want to get on that plane or not!) and this morning, I can just feel it. That anticipation is building, my heart skips a beat as I practice my French podcasts on the way to work.

The signs at work are starting to pop up like crocuses at the spring thaw: I can actually count down that I only have two more Thursdays and Fridays at work, I’m scheduling meetings for after I get back, I’m pushing off deadlines until May. And I’m really starting to lose interest in my projects. I mean, how am I expected to care about any one of these projects when there’s the Louvre, a stack of Vermeers (well, three), the Orangerie, omelettes, wienerschintzel and Louis Vuitton waiting for us on the other side??? How cool is this? IT’S COMING!

I think as an adult, there is very little you can get all wired up and excited about like you did in the lead up to Christmas when you were 10. Sure, Broadway shows and concerts are fun, to some of us spinning conferences can fill the void, but for me, there’s nothing like stepping out of the airport and into a taxi in one of my favorite cities.

I think too, beneath her brave exterior, my sister is feeling it too. Last night we talked and I said, “Three weeks from right now, it’ll be 1 a.m. on our first night in Paris.” And aside from a few curse words and “Oh my god” she also said: “And we’ll just be coming in from late night at the Louvre and Moulin Rouge”….despite having had no sleep for the prior 36 hours!

Here it comes, Little Sister!

[Special thoughts to Dear Sister, who is currently battling flu-monia...we're expecting she'll be fully recovered to romp through the City of Lights, but I'm prepared to carry an IV pole and respirator if not...]

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