Monday, March 3, 2008

Yes, I'm a woman...

Yes, I'm a woman and No, I don't feel particularly compelled to vote for Hillary Clinton for that reason alone. And let me tell you why. (I know you didn't ask but this is going to make me feel better.)

First, I just don't trust her. No one loved the Clinton years more than I did (Bill had, for me, that certain je ne c'est quoi) but towards the end of Bill's tenure, it became startlingly clear to me that there was more going on in the White House than was on the up and up. I was nuts then to overlook Whitewater, Vince Foster, pardoning the Riches, etc. And since then Bill has had the opportunity to hook up with various other elements, tasteful and not, for various personal business dealings that may (or may not) be conflicts of interest in the future should he be back in Washington's inner circle. Of course, we may not know for certain if HRC never releases any tax returns, but that's a story for another day. (But really, what's she hiding that she can't release them now?)

Second, Hillary is running, and I resent the fact that she gave her campaign a boost by making it the Bill and Hillary show. Granted that has been tamed down since Bill started to go all scary multi-personality out on the stump, but I still think we'd be electing a pair to office, and Bill is so 90s. It's a new milennium with new issues and I'm not sure the Old Way is the Best Way going forward.

Third, I've seen too many faces of Hillary on this campaign. As Bill Maher said, it's like watching a guy fighting with his girlfriend: there's the tears, then the loving "I'm honored to be sitting here by you", then the rage for no apparent reason ("Shame on you Barack Obama"), then the sarcasm ("The heavens will open..."), then the woman card, then the fear-mongering. Look, pick a persona and stick with it. You're changing your personality along with your suits. One thing I like about Barack Obama is that he's been reassuringly consistent. No matter when I watch and listen, I get the same person: measured, reassuring and calm. Hillary is teetering on schizophrenia and it makes me nervous. When that phone rings in the White House at 3 a.m., which Hillary will we get?

Lastly, I don't get the "experience" thing. She has one more term than Obama and little more in the way of accomplishments. Where has she dealt with "crisis"? How does serving on the Arms Services Committee qualify as "crisis"? Get it? I knew you would.

So no, I don't feel as if I'm turning my back on my gender by not voting for her. I'm still in this to vote for the person I feel is best for the job. And from what I've seen in this campaign (and with the lack of compelling network tv, that's more viewing than I care to admit), I just don't think that's Hillary Clinton.

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