Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Organized chaos

Well, here I am three days out. Can you even believe it? I can't yet. I thought for sure the packing would do it, and it did for that day. But now it just seems unreal. It seems unreal that on Sunday instead of doing a long ride outside and going to the beach, I'll be walking Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg and seeing Church on the Spilled Blood and the Winter Palace instead. Wow. Just wow.

People laugh at my practice packing. Well, let me tell you, it paid off this time. I realized when I got my luggage out that the zipper on my big piece split. Better to find that out last weekend than the day I leave. So there.

Right now, the house is organized chaos. "Chaos" in that it's sort of just piles of "stuff" waiting to be packed. The soon-to-be contents of my carry-on are on my office floor. My clothes are neatly stacked on a chair in the bedroom. My cosmetic bag is mostly packed except for what I'll need until the day I leave. Random stuff like maps, snacks (Poptarts, Candy Corn and Fig Newtons!) and umbrella are in the middle of my bedroom.

Everything else is done. Most of my work commitments are taken care of or as taken care of as they'll get. Tonight is my last night at the gym. Thursday night I'll pack what won't wrinkle. Friday night is one last laundry and mani/pedi.

I guess now it's all over but the going!

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