Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is here

September 1st.

It’s here. As of today I can say “this month I’m going to Russia.” Hell, at this point I can say “next week I’m going to Russia.” Wow.

I cannot believe that 8 months have passed since I made that first phone call to the Russian travel specialists. I cannot believe that I have patiently, or not so patiently, bided my time all year and now it’s just about here.

Even though it’s gestated almost as long as a human child does, this trip still seems like a dream. Even as I walk through my planning checklist and make preparations to go, like I do for any trip, it still does not seem real. I’ve wanted to take this trip for so long, I am still in complete disbelief that it’s actually about to happen.

When will it hit me? When will I realize that it’s not a dream, that I’m actually going? Or will I need to get there to realize it? When does concept become reality? Dream become actuality?

There’s so much I already know I want to see and experience and yet I wonder how much experience there will be that I don’t already know. I love the wondering and the imagining and the hoping. Now all that’s left is for it to happen.

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