Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Week Out

Today my friend Shannon wrote "a week from now you'll be in Russia." Good glory, she's right. A few times today I've found myself adding 8 hours to whatever time it is to put myself into Russian time and then wondering what I'll be doing next week at this time. Wow.

So far I'm doing well. It has finally hit me, I think, as I pulled out luggage, did laundry and started packing things, a nervous excitement really set in. I am finding myself a bit nervous about getting around and knowing the language (or not, as the case may be). This morning I awoke wondering how I'd be able to order lunch when I get there. I'm alone on Day One, so those two meals next Sunday are up to me. I can just imagine walking in somewhere and seeing a menu full of Cyrillic. And being really follow me.

But I'll be fine. I know I will.

Yesterday I put a significant dent in my packing yesterday and also cleaned the house in anticipation of my mother doing the cat sitting while I'm away. I feel ready and I'm certainly excited. I do find myself getting a bit overwhelmed at the "getting there" part, because 13 hours seems excessively long to me and when you just want to get there, it is painful. But, I suppose, not nearly as painful as the 16 hours it will take to get home!

So as I see and say bye to people for the last time before I go, I cannot believe it's almost here.

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