Friday, September 10, 2010

T-1 day....

Think about this: tomorrow at this time I should be at Logan, getting ready to hop the flight to Frankfurt en route to St. Petersburg. Yee ha!

It's been a fairly slow week with a bit of excitement at work but I'm here now with an hour left and I think I've left everything in fairly respectable order.

Don't read this if you don't like minutae, but this is what I've learned through various bouts of web surfing during the last few days:

-- Lufthansa's Moscow to Munich flight usually arrives early, very early in fact.

-- However, should you arrive late and are in danger of missing your flight, Munich Airport officials will pick you and your luggage up at the plane and drive you to your connecting flight (ok, so you can already see that I've been re-thinking the 90 minute Munich connectiong coming home, right?)

-- The recommended connection time from Moscow to Munich is 30 minutes. I have 90. I think I'm good.

-- Looks like partly cloudy and mid 60s Sunday and Monday in St. Petersburg. Maybe rain thereafter, but that will be museum and palace time anyway.

-- There are a decent amount of interesting looking restaurants near my hotel in St. Petersburg, not so much in Moscow.

-- The sun doesn't set in St. P this time of year until 8:35! Compare that to Boston's 7:05! In Moscow it's 8:00...that city is that much further south to make a difference.

I packed last night, as in actually putting piles of things into appropriate bags. I am mildly disconcerted that the larger bag is half empty (in this case isn't it optimistic to see a half empty bag?). I wonder if I'm missing something significant or have just become extremely efficient packing over the years. Or if it's just that I'm using my Mom's luggage since mine met an untimely zipper death.

Well damn, this blog post only managed to kill 6 minutes of my last work day. Off to do one more round of laundry and mani/pedi.

I'll blog from the other side, WiFi connection permitting!

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