Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All signs point to Berlin

If you've read this blog with any regularity, you'd know that not too much time would pass after my last trip before I'd be looking to nail down the details on my next one.  I'd kicked around a few different ideas but the one that kept coming back and settling in nicely is Berlin.

Ideas like this need to not just feel right but need to get me excited.  It's like lighting a pilot light on a stove.  It ignites, percolates a bit and then really feels like it will work out well.  Berlin has done just that this time.  I've already pawed through a guidebook and made lists of sights in and around Berlin, clustering them by geographic area to get a sense of how much time I need.  So far I'm thinking at least 7 days on the ground in Berlin.  I am contemplating an overnight in Dresden, and also 2 days in Dublin on the way home.

Dublin? you ask?  Well, I haven't been since 2005, I think, and the best airfare to Berlin I'm finding right now is on Aer Lingus (a full $300 cheaper to Berlin via Dublin).  Stopping on the way home wouldn't be a hardship.  It'd be nice to see the city I first traveled to in 1993 (and on 10+ trips thereafter) as well as see the Vermeer in the National Gallery and perhaps crash at U2's hotel The Clarence.

We'll see...but can you feel how it's all taking shape?

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