Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting ready for Berlin

As promised, I did turn my sights toward my trip to Germany, finally, over last weekend.  I did some power shopping and managed to find a second pair of jeans and a pair of yoga pants to travel in.  I found or bought some shoulder-season type long sleeved shirts and light sweaters.  I identified the coat I want to wear (I think).

One new travel resource I found was the Rick Steves app on my iPhone.  The files that you download to it are city, country or region specific and are either Steves' own radio show episodes or interviews he's done with local guides or residents.  I listened to one on Berlin 20 years after the fall of the Wall, and another on The Berlin Wall.  I also have one on Potsdam and one on Berlin today.  What these did for me was stimulate an interest in a part of the city I hadn't given much thought of in the former East Germany, where the East Side Gallery is.  The gallery is a section of the wall that has not yet been torn down that artists are allowed to still paint or design on.  Well, something else added to my list.  And listening to these helped me get excited, stirring the pot.

I am excited now, as I approach the T-minus four week mark.  I will have to start thinking about travel sized cosmetics and making the pile in my home office of "to be packed" things!

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