Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T-Minus Four Weeks to Germany

Today is officially four weeks.  Excitement has started to build quite a bit, actually.  I've read more on the internet, and reviewed the guide books that have been collecting dust on the end table in my living room.  Now, I'm afraid, I have too much to do in what I thought was too much time.  Gasp. Who knew?

I purchased train travel for Berlin to Dresden and back.  I got my reservation for a private tour of the Reichstag (Parliament).  So I'm fully reserved for everything that needs reservations.  The itinerary is sorting itself out it seems.  I am reviewing a private walking tour operator for my first full day to get my feet under me and get acclimated.  I have the Reichstag mid-day on the Sunday.  Dresden is Tuesday - Thursday morning.  Museums on museum island are open late both Thursdays that I am there.  The Zoo (and its one panda) is a logical choice for Monday, since so much else is closed.  It's all falling into place nicely on its own.

In a stroke of random good fortune, I discovered the maker of a particular cat figurine I'd bought in Cologne on a day trip there in 2007.  I've since "lost" that figurine in one of several moves of home over the years, and I was crushed.  Somehow a Google search today produced this, and I'm glad to say I should be able to find a replacement pretty easily, Goebel being a very common product in Germany.  I hope!

My sister is off to Paris, on her own, next week.  While I worry about her doing this for the first time (and am not so secretly jealous that she's going back!) I am proud of her for continuing to follow her passion for art through travel.  Bon voyage, ma soeur!

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