Friday, August 17, 2012

Overcrowded itinerary - it happens

I laugh now when I think about a time when I thought 10 days in Berlin was going to be too much.  As can often happen, the more I read and research, the more crowded my itinerary becomes.  Just now, I found a former Stasi prison in Eastern Berlin that offers tours given by former inmates.  Move that to the "Must Do" column.

Except now, the "Must Do" column runneth over.

I've  just now started to outline my days in earnest.  And a bit of panic is setting in.  Trying to organize things logistically so that I visit things in an order that makes sense AND makes the best use of my time available.  It is a bit frustrating in that I'm not 100% sure of what the walking tour I take on the first full day I'm there will cover, so there may or may not be things I either return to or skip the rest of the week I'm there.  I think I need one long session of spreading everything out on the kitchen table and mapping it, but fluidity may have to rule.  Riding by the seat of my pants is not my strong suit.

I have also started My Daily Phrase German lessons on the iPod.  German is turning out to be quite the mouthful, as Russian was, but at least I'm getting to the basics.

Under four weeks....trial size toiletries shopping tomorrow.

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