Saturday, January 16, 2016

Already packing and other getting ready for safari stuff

In order to settle my unquiet mind about this going carry-on only business, I got down to it and started packing.  Yes, there'd already been a pile of safari-going outfits accumulating on the floor.  As I dug them out and washed them, they went there.  Today I focused on the personal items and cosmetics, figuring if I could condense all the  liquids down to the 1 quart bag, I'd put my mind at ease.  And I did indeed get it all in the bag, but I'm still mildly unsettled.  I've jettisoned the alarm clock in favor of my iPhone.  I'll like wear my hiking boots on the plane rather than sneakers.  Uncomfortable and not very fashionable, but unless the new duffle has oodles of room, there won't be a spot for chunky hikers.  Who knows, I may be surprised.  So I think I'm as streamlined as I can get.  One well-executed trip to CVS and I should be good to carry-on.

I downloaded the British Airways app, as I've become a big fan of mobile boarding passes and checking in online.  With the app, I'll only need a cell signal in Nairobi coming home, not access to a PC.  I printed out my e-Visa, my Sheldricks foster certificates and the BA itinerary just in case.  The rest of my travel documents are coming from my safari planner shortly.

My day bag is just about packed with my wildlife guidebook, binoculars, both cameras, Tilly hat, sunglasses and chapstick (this time with SPF 15, won't make that mistake again). It's my "personal item" for the flight, so I'm trying to keep it light.

So in theory, all I have left to do is stop the newspaper, leave instructions for the cat sitter, charge the batteries, load the iPod with movies and get cash to exchange when I land.  I'm trying to take pre-emptive action against that week-before-I-leave anxiety that always sets in.  If I have nothing left to do, there's nothing to get anxious about.  In theory.

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