Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Carry-On is a go!

The carry-on was delivered two nights ago.  I'd been over anxious to see just what I'd committed myself to.  I have to admit, there was a moment of panic when I lifted the box off the porch and it weighed next to nothing.  And even more panic when I opened the box and found that the bag itself was folded down and condensed into a large zip lock vinyl bag.  GULP!

However, I bravely unpacked the bag and left it on the floor for a moment, while Simon, my 14 pound boy cat, climbed inside with not much room to spare.  GULP again.

Then I took the bag upstairs and just casually dumped the pile of clothes I'd started for this safari (which is almost everything I'm taking) and my toiletry bag in it, and it fits.  And THERE'S STILL ROOM!  If I use those vacuum packing bags I might even be able to take a little more.

The only concession I'm making is to wear my hiking boots on the plane.  I just don't have the luxury of wearing sneakers in transit and carrying the boots.  But that's a small sacrifice.  So I'll look like a fashion disaster what with my yoga pants and top for flying and hiking boots.  No one will remember me once we're off the plane.  Or care, even.

So now the idea of going carry-on only for 2 weeks on safari is extremely likely.  I'm gobsmacked.  Wahoo!

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